“It’s Only Money” or “10 Buck is 10 Bucks”-What’s Your Money Blueprint?

by David Bakke

money blueprint

When I began down the road to financial freedom, I really just did it by the seat of my pants.  Had I had more of a plan I probably could have escaped the financial hell that I created for myself quicker, but what’s done is done.


I have been looking back on those days a lot and wondering what I could have done better or more of, or some things not at all.


One of the first things I wish that I could have done from the beginning was to determine what my money blueprint was.  I have no idea if this is some technical term or not, it’s just the phrase that I came up with to describe what my mind’s thoughts were and what my mental aspects were towards money.

In its simplest terms, I would imagine that all of us could put ourselves into one of two groups.  One would be the “Its Only Money” group and the other would be the “10 Bucks is 10 Bucks” group.

The phrase “It’s Only Money” drives me nuts when I hear it.  Of course, you should not let money rule your life and I am not advocating staying awake till three in the morning trying to find a way to save 10 cents on a gallon of milk.  However, there are so many times when I see or hear about friends or family or co-workers who waste money  unnecessarily utter this phrase.  What I wish I realized back when I was digging myself out of my money mess was that instead of focusing on all of the things I would sacrifice in my life to save money, I should have also been focusing on ways to waste less money unnecessarily.


What I wish is that my money blueprint was closer to that of people in the “10 bucks is 10 bucks” group.  These would be people who for example figured out a way to save 10 dollars annually in some way shape or form without doing much work or devoting much time to it. Let’s say they decided to stop running the water while they are brushing their teeth. My personal reaction would be “fantastic-you now have 10 extra dollars to do something with every year.”  Other people may snicker at the fact of saving only ten dollars.  Well, like I named the group– “10 bucks is 10 bucks.”

My point is this-whether you are on the way to financial fitness, whether you’re just thinking about it, no matter where you are in the process, why not take a few moments to assess maybe not which group you belong in, but which group you are more closely associated with.

If you are closer to the “Its Only Money” group, or you find yourself uttering this phrase fairly often, you may want to start making a few mental adjustments to shift yourself closer to the second group.  Maybe not now, but some day, You’ll be glad you did.

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