10 Online Forums to Discuss Saving Money

by David Bakke

Where financial advice is concerned, tips from the pros definitely help, but experience is key. What better place to find suggestions on managing your money and personal finance than an online forum? Forums have the benefit of a wide variety of contributors, from your average neighbor to budget guru, who offer advice, personal stories, and money saving tips. Often bustling with activity, forums are a great starting point to get input on whatever financial questions arise. Here are 10 of the top online forums to discuss saving money.

  1. Saving Advice: Streamlined and simple, Saving Advice sticks to the basics but provides a wealth of information. General discussions, personal finance, debt, and tips on frugal living make this a great building block for getting money saving tips online.
  2. Money Saving Expert: An open forum with a huge variety of topics, Money Saving Expert’s forums are geared towards a UK audience with money saving in mind. Topics like annuities, mortgages, and credit cards exist alongside more holistic topics like home, upping your income, and philanthropic endeavors.
  3. Wise Bread: The aptly named Wise Bread dedicates itself to “living large on a small budget”. There’s a bloggers corner, tips on “lifehacks” (personal development), as well as personal finance and budgeting tips. For a broader spectrum of money saving tips, the Wise Bread blog offers a daily assortment of articles and advice sure to stir up conversation in the forums.
  4. Get Rich Slowly: A staple of the blogosphere, Get Rich Slowly offers sensible, common sense advice to personal finance. The hugely active forum is a great place to connect with fellow novice financiers on budgeting, debt management, and offers a place to post your success stories when you’re fiscally fit.
  5. PF Talk: PF Talk (Personal Finance Talk) is exactly what the name suggests – an active forum devoting to discussing the nuts and bolts of personal finance. Have a question on your mortgage, taxes, or how to manage your credit cards? Advice and solutions are all here, as well as money saving tips on financial management software and retirement planning.
  6. Kiplinger Forums: A respected and solid name in the financial industry, Kiplinger’s online forums attract a variety of participants from the 20-something beginner to seasoned financial planning veterans. The topics are extensive, and solicit feedback on Kiplinger’s articles as well as more estate planning focused topics, like charitable gifting and saving for future generations.
  7. Slick Deals: Technically a place to post tips on sales and coupons, the Slick Deals forums have evolved into a constantly updated source for money saving tips, discounts, and a one-stop-shop for stretching your dollar.
  8. Early Retirement: For those focused on building a solid financial future and retiring early, Early Retirement’s forums have in-depth questions and answers. Geared towards a younger crowd seeking financial independence, the money saving tips here are valuable regardless of age.
  9. MSN Money: The widely read financial blog on MSN money has spawned a forum, one which covers topics wide in scope but poignant on advice. Forum participants post common problems, possible solutions, and cover every topic imaginable.
  10. Money Talk: Established in 2004 and still going strong, the dedicated community at Money Talk’s online forums provide money saving tips, topics driven by readers, and even has a section to recommend the best personal finance books.

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1 Donna B June 1, 2010 at 3:33 pm

Hey David-

I don’t know if its my computer or what but this page is all jumbled up today.

2 Khaleef @ KNS Financial June 1, 2010 at 4:21 pm

I am having the same problem as Donna. I’m using Google Chrome.
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3 Khaleef @ KNS Financial June 1, 2010 at 7:32 pm

I’m back. The page looks fine now. Thanks for this list!
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5 [email protected] Loans August 24, 2010 at 12:58 pm

Some of the forums you listed, I haven’t heard of before, so I’ll be passing by a few of them. Thanks for that. But I’m so glad you have Money Saving Expert on the list. Minute I saw your blog title, my first thought was Money Saving Expert. Love the forums! Been a member for a good couple of years. Very supportive and friendly forum. I’m usually in the ‘Up my Income’ and ‘Debt-free Wannabe’ sections.

Take care…and thanks again for the list.

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