A Christmas of Credit: Assessing the Aftermath

by David Bakke

debtsparkThe following is a guest post courtesy of Kerri Reeves. Kerri is a freelance writer and guest blogger based in Blue Bell, PA.

“The most wonderful time of the year” is most certainly over. Christmas trees are carelessly strewn along curbs and after many indulgences, my jeans are a little snug. I’m no longer skipping to the mailbox to receive friendly greetings; it’s now filled with decidedly unfriendly bills. Indeed, I indulged not only myself but the wishes and wants of my loved ones!

Gift-giving has become a large component to spreading holiday spirit, which often leads to stress come January for spenders. The blissful ignorance of December must be accounted for today. Unfortunately, most of us are unaware of how much debt we carry, and in general how our spending compares to our income.

There’s a Web-based financial tool called DebtSpark that can offer relief to the holiday hangover you may be experiencing. It offers a quick and easy snapshot of financial health. Based only on inputs of debt, expenses and income, it will grant you an immediate understanding of financial health.

Shoppers weigh their stack of bills with current income to determine if the holiday cheer has left a trail of red or black. This secure, simpler-than-a-spreadsheet tool also charts and graphs progress over time so you can stay on top of your debt and spending–a worthwhile goal for 2010.

Come out of the holiday haze and welcome in the New Year with a fresh outlook. Monetary awareness will spark a commitment to financial growth.

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