A Few Easy Ways To Save Money on Gas

by David Bakke

save money on gasDepending on how far your commute is to work, your monthly expense for gasoline could be fairly high up there on your list. Do you know what a discrepancy there is in the price of gas at the gas stations right in your local area? It never occurred to me until the price of gas went through the roof and I decided to check it out.

I basically have an average commute to work-it’s about eighteen to twenty miles. However, on my way to work, I pass about ten gas stations. So, I looked at the price of gas at each station on my way to work. The first thing that I found out was that the difference between the cheapest and most expensive gas was more than 15 cents! I would stay away from using gas from a mom-and-pop convenience store, because the quality of the gas might not be that good. But, other than that, why not go with the cheapest? With my commute and the current price of gas, I spend about $200 per month in gas. When I started buying gas from the least expensive place on my way to work, I started saving about $150 per year. Obviously, for longer commutes, the savings will be bigger.

Another way to save gas, believe it or not, is to actually do a little maintenance on your car from time to time.  Look, I am a guy and it is like pulling teeth to get me to stay up to date on this, so I know it is the same for a lot of other guys and probably more than lots of women out there.  But, if we saw how much gas we were losing by not keeping up with our maintenance, we’d probably do a much better job, I guess.

Anyways, here are the basics.

1)  Keep up on your oil changes.  And, no, not the “every 3,000 miles” that your local Jiffy Lube you about.  Every 5,000 miles should do you just fine.

2)  Properly inflated tires.  Do it yourself, have the gas station attendat check it, or even go to your local Auto Zone–they are willing to do this kind of stuff for you more than you might think.

3)  Follow your Owner’s Manual.  Have you ever even looked at it before?  Well, believe it or not, they do have other scheduled maintenance in there that will affect your gas mileage as your car ages.


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