An Extended Offer: Don’t Be a Mule

by David Bakke

COVERHey guys…because of the resounding   success it has had, I have decided to extend the special offer for my book to my readers and visitors.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I wanted to spend just a few minutes on why I think it can add value to your life.

Don’t Be a Mule is written in a down-to-earth, easy to understand voice. It is based purely on personal experience.  It briefly details my not-so-wonderful plunge into the depths of credit card debt, and the road I managed to take out.

It offers ways to improve your personal economy in three key areas:

Saving More Money

Spending Less Money

Generating Extra Income

The biggest problem that I had when I was looking for answers about how to get out of debt was that I could never find any real, practical advice.  I either came up against debt consolidation companies who I think were just out to screw me (or at the very least, put me deeper into debt), or I got a bunch of “book” answers from people who had never really been in my situation before and therefore could not relate to it.

Then I thought that if I asked rich people about it (who would know more about money, right?) then I might be able to find some decent advice.  Wrong again.  Most of them had forgotten what it was like NOT to be rich and therefore were not of much help.

Writing Don’t Be a Mule was a joy for me because it made me realize that getting out of debt is so NOT about some ABC list of things to do.  Rather, it is simply about changing your mindset and attitude about how money comes in and goes out of your life.

My journey out of debt was not an easy one and it was not a short one.  But once I got on track with the right attitude, and a true willingness to get out of debt, it was then merely a matter of staying on track.  And there was much less actual “sacrifice” involved then I would have thought.

Once I finally managed to get completely out of debt.  I was at a crossroads.  I didn’t know what to do.  But, after I realized ALL the avenues that become available for generating income for people that are not in debt, and that have good credit scores, I kept the momentum rolling.

I currently own and maintain this blog and have another successful side business.  None of this would have been possible were I still struggling with debt.

My book is currently available here for the recession-busting price of $2.99.  Add shipping and you can get your hands on a copy for $7.  And it ships straight from me, so I promise to get it to you fast!

If you decide to check it out, I sincerely hope you like it and it provides value to you.

As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated below.

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1 Robert J. Fischer May 10, 2010 at 3:55 pm


Your book is too good to sell this cheaply. If people don’t want to pay what it is worth, the hell with them. If they are serious about getting out of debt, they will pay the full price. You put too much in it to cheapen it by selling it for $3.


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