Baseball and Your Finances

by David Bakke

Baseball, and the Atlanta Braves in particular, are a true passion and love of mine. I have played baseball ever since I could walk and I have followed it fanatically all of my life.

For those of you that don’t follow it too much, my beloved Atlanta Braves are in the middle of a pennant race for the first time in many years. I have had more fun following them this year than I have in a long time.

But as I was thinking about the Braves’ season the other day, it occurred to me that there are a lot of similarities between a baseball season and anyone’s struggle to get out, and stay out, of debt. I thought you might find this list of similarities both helpful and informative no matter where you are on your journey to financial success.

It’s A Long Season

First of all, a major league baseball season is long. Very long. Even if you don’t make the playoffs, you still play 162 games. That’s lot of games. Comparatively speaking, your journey in personal finance will be long as well.  Your whole lifetime as a matter of fact. Even if you’ve already made it completely out of of debt, you still have to stay there, right? And sometimes, this can be harder than emerging from debt. I think this helps to know, especially if you’re in the middle of a short-term crunch, if you’ve just made some sort of mistake, or if you think you will never get to where you want to be. It’s a long season, baby.

Prolonged Success Comes From Repetition

The team that the Braves are chasing right now just seem like they will never lose again. They have three pitchers who seem like they will simply never lose a game again. Their hitters go up there and it seems like they hit home runs every time they come up. Then it occurred to me. These players are experiencing these “hot streaks” because they are going out there and throwing the same greet pitches, and making the same great swings with the bat, each and every time out there. This can translate to your financial world as well. Find good sound financial habits, put them into place, and try your best not to veer from them.

The Season Has Its Ups and Downs

The Braves started off this year horribly. They had even lost eight straight games at one point. Then, for about three months, they played great baseball. Lately, they have been struggling a bit. This is important to keep in mind regarding your financial picture as well. You will always have your ups and your downs. What’s important is to celebrate your successes and learn from your mistakes. Never dwell on your mistakes too long as long as you take something productive away from them and never rest on your laurels too long if you’ve just come up with another great money-saving idea.

Hard Work Always Pays Off

On the Braves roster this year you will not find very many high-priced, All-star type guys at all. As a matter of fact, I think the general make-up of most of their players is that of athletes who work hard every single day. Athletes who may not necessarily be blessed with all of the physical talent in the world, but who have made themselves successful by practicing more, studying more and executing more than other players.  That is why this year has been so enjoyable.  My point is…no matter what you do in life, whether its baseball, finances or anything else, hard work will always, always pay off.

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