Be a Hero This Holiday Season

by David Bakke

bone marrowThe following post has nothing to do with saving money or finances or anything. It has to do with saving a life.

I’ll try to be brief.

I have a cousin named Roy who lives in New York City. He is a NYC firefighter. On Sept. 11th, he was right in the middle of the tragedy. He was there when the towers fell and he stayed around for several days after to help with the survivors and everything else.

Several years later, he contracted a very bad disease, which is now killing him. Although we can’t prove it, and probably never will be able to, we know that it came from breathing what was in the air that day.

What could save his life right now is a bone marrow transplant. However, they do not currently have a “match” for him. They have had several “drives” up in New York, which have helped, but as of yet, no match. I am writing this post in the hopes that someone out there could be a match for my cousin.

I could have spent a few days researching my cousin’s exact role in September 11th to make the story more compelling. I could have researched his disease a little more to explain it to my readers a little bit better.

I chose not to because I want to get the word out. I want to get the word out before my cousin dies.

So, the question is, what can you do? Well, here is a little something that we all can do.

1. Visit; between 11/21 – 12/30/09
2. Click on “Join”
3. Enter promo code hope4roy when prompted. Or leave this blank is you so choose.
4. Fill out the consent form online
5. Please indicate ethnicity and all racial backgrounds
that apply
6. A swab kit will be mailed to your home

Please swab and return the kit as soon as possible.

I just did the steps listed and it took me a total of six minutes. Thank you for your time, and just think for a minute about taking six minutes out of your busy life this holiday season. You could save my cousin’s life

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