Bloggin’ Bloggin’ Bloggin’, Keep Them Bloggers Bloggin’

by David Bakke

rawhideYes, just a little takeoff on a classic American Western TV series.  What can I say?  Sometimes, I get a little loopy.


Regardless, here is the best of what I could come up with in the way of personal finance articles over the past week.

I try to find the best that’s out there, but I also try to feature some of the newer bloggers as well.  This could be new to me or new to personal finance blogging in general.  Anyways, as always, I hope you find them to be helpful and interesting. 

The Parenting Squad tells us how “Breastfeeding Could Save Lives and Money.”

The Wealth Pilgrim gives us “11 Tips on How to Save Money on Homeowner’s Insurance“.

My Journey to Millions talks about how to “Make the Most of Unemployment.”

I Will Teach You to Be Rich gives us “How to Save $23,000 on Student Loans and Financial Aid.”

And finally, Fiscal Geek explains how You’re Self-Employed Even If You Work for Someone Else.”

As always, your comments and suggestions are appreciated below.

Have a great rest of the week.

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