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COVERDon’t Be a Mule: A Common Sense Guide to Saving More, Spending Less, and Generating Extra Money in Your Everyday Life.

For anyone who wants to save more, spend less, and earn extra cash while you’re at it, this been there/done that book about changing attitudes and getting your finances in order is the place to start.

I was in deep financial trouble. Desperate to be debt-free, I created a program based on his ideas about saving, spending, and earning. The result? Financial stability, and a book designed to offer a hand to everyone struggling and in debt. Don’t Be a Mule: A Common Sense Guide to Saving More, Spending Less, and Generating Extra Money in Your Everyday Life is a practical guide to changing how you think about money. Its focus is to change our attitudes about money, rethink how we spend, and create an environment of increased earnings. Written in a voice that is both instructive and friendly, I think its a book guaranteed to make you rethink how you relate to money. It’s a strategy that got me out of debt…and can work for you, too.

I am no no economist and have never been wealthy, but I am someone who, while in the depths of fiscal chaos, devised a system that resulted in digging myself out of a hole and creating financial security. My first published work does not suggest magic investments, nor does it give insider information for gaining the quick buck. Instead, I share how I ended up in such severe debt…and the strategy that set me free.

In this book, I share tips about changing attitudes and mindsets related to money, all the while reminding you not to be a mule, that mindless animal that repeats old habits and doesn’t seek change. From my 30-day trials to the golden rule of shopping, from the truth about credit cards, and to learning how to think yourself out of debt, I lay it all out. You may not choose to follow my lead and save $1600 by taking out the trash, but you will learn about being smart with your money.

I personally think this is a hands-on and very compelling book, as well as a roadmap that will lead you away from debt. No magic bullets here, just common sense ideas about changing your attitudes regarding money, spending, and increasing your income. When I found myself in serious financial trouble, I devised a plan that included changing many of my attitudes. Back on financial track, I now shares my logical and user-friendly program, including my:

– Times-12 Rule                                                                                                                – Golden Rule of Credit Cards
– Keys for Saving Money                                                                                              – Work/Time Theory
– Ideas for Generating Income                                                                                  – Golden Rule of Shopping

I think you’ll find that is an easy read, and well worth your time.  I purposely tried to write it in a “regular guy” kind of voice, because that’s who I am.  I also tried to use this tone to also show you that anybody, and I mean anybody, can solve their own personal financial issues, on their own, without any outside paid professional advice.  With a little logical thinking, planning, and direction, you can see your way out of any financial crisis, large or small.

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