Cheap Cooking Tips

by David Bakke

cheap cooking tipsI was thinking about starting to post some low-cost recipes here, as that is also a great way to impact your finances.  I see a lot of other low cost recipes out there, and I certainly have a wealth of them.

Then I got to thinking that rather than begin with recipes, why not start with some low-cost substitutions that we can use in a variety of recipes?




Let me explain.  I will use the Food Channel as an example.  The Food Channel, and more importantly, Emeril, always has great recipes.  However, most of the time, these recipes use ingredients that either one can never find or that are far too expensive for us average people to ever prepare.  I see duck and lamb shanks, and all kinds of other quite pricey ingredients.


Well, I have a solution.


Listed below are as many of the substitutions that I use in my everyday cooking that can probably save you a lot of money.  Here we go:

1)      Sub cottage cheese for ricotta cheese, especially in lasagna.

2)      Sub whole milk or even skim milk for heavy whipping cream.

3)      Sub regular vegetable oil for extra virgin.

4)      Sub plain yogurt for sour cream.

5)      Sub apple cider for beer.

6)      Sub ground turkey in place of ground beef.

7)      Sub oatmeal for bread crumbs.

8)      Sub chocolate pudding in place of icing.

9)      Try coating your chicken in corn flakes instead of premade baking mixes

10)   Sub canned fruit in place of fresh fruit.

There are these and a whole lot more.

Hope that helps, more good stuff to come.


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1 Ellen August 3, 2009 at 3:42 am

I would say make your own bread crumbs rather than using oatmeal if you’ve got some bread you’re about to throw out. Ground turkey around here is more expensive than ground beef! So make sure you check your own local prices and then feel free to substitute. I frequently exchange yogurt for buttermilk (thin a bit maybe) or sour cream depending on what I have in the frig. Great ideas for starting the thought process though.

2 Free Website Hosting August 3, 2009 at 6:50 am

Thats a well thought of, and pretty nice list. Love it!

3 David August 3, 2009 at 9:19 am


Good tip! Thanks for the comment.

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