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1 Liam Judge February 5, 2010 at 12:03 pm

Hi David
My name is Liam Judge and i’m currently creating an e book on Personal Finance. I came across your article on a number of different ‘sites and i realised that you are an expert in this niche market. I have read your article and realise that you’d be perfect for inclusion in my new e book.I am currently putting together an expert compendium on the subject and i’d be delighted if you would be kind enough to let me include your article in my book. And if you had any other articles, please send them over and if they’re suitable i can include them too. Of course i would include link’s back to your website and this would mean free visitor’s to your website and publicity without you spending a dime. Not only that, as i intend to market this product in a big way, your reputation would be increased even further. This is a win win situation for you David and all you need to do is e mail me back with confirmation that it is OK to include you in the expert’s compendium and i’ll do the rest.

Thank you for your time
Liam Judge

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