Do Not Go Shopping on Black Friday!

by David Bakke

Black FridayYes, its true. In my humble opinion, there is absolutely no reason to go shopping on Black Friday.

Am I mad? Am I out of my mind? Have I suddenly lost the desire to save money? Those answers would be no, no and no.

However, it is simple. You should not go shopping on Black Friday because there is simply no need to. There is no need to wake up at the crack of dawn, no need to deal with traffic and parking, no need to deal with endless lines, unruly customers, understaffed retail outlets and everything else you can think of.

Why is there no need to venture out this Friday? Simply because you can do all of your shopping at home from the privacy of your own home computer.

I would venture to say that I will find better deals and save more money than most of those “venturers” without leaving the comfort of my not-so-comfortable chair in front of my computer. If I don’t find the amazing deals on Black Friday, then I am sure to find them the following Monday, better known as “Cyber Monday“.

Can I offer a money back guarantee on this statement? No, absolutely not. This year will be the first year of me putting to test fully my newfound theory.

I will probably wake up early on Black Friday, yes. This is only prevent missing out on items that have been sold out.

I just have a funny feeling that I will be able to find just as good if not better deals than those in the B & M stores.

I have already scoured through all of the Black Friday ads for the major retailers and I have already decided on all of my purchases. If you need to look at any of these ads, there are easily accessible on the Internet (just Google “Black Friday Ads”, you are sure to find them).

If for some reason these specials are strictly for in-store purchases, I will simply wait for the following Monday, which is also known as Cyber Monday. I am quite sure that most items will be available for free shipping, and again, I am quite confident that I will be able to find deals as good if not better than any of the ones found in the stores on Black Friday.

And, if for some reason the deals aren’t as good or better, I am sure than any few dollars in savings that I am foregoing will be far outweighed by the stress, and the gas money, and the money I’d have to spend eating out that day and everything else associated with Black Friday.

Could my theory be wrong? Absolutely. However, I have been shopping online for a long time now, and almost all of the time up until now I have been able to find better deals by shopping online than by going to a store. Why would Black Friday be any different?

I will be sure to post a follow up regarding how I fared and my results compared to the deals found in the stores. But I am quite confident that my strategy will work. Plus, I won’t have to listen to any sales associate trying to sell me an extended warranty that I don’t need, nor will I be tempted to buy anything else other than the things on my list.

For those that decide to venture out this Friday, I wish you luck.

Do you disagree with my plan? Have any other ideas for your holiday shopping strategy? Share your comments with my other readers!

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