Don’t Be a Mule: A Special Offer for My Valued Readers

by David Bakke

COVERFor those of you that have followed my blog at all over the recent past, I am sure you are quite aware of the book that I wrote.  You must be because you can see it every time you check out my blog.

I have not spent too much time trying to promote this book, and I have opted for that strategy for several reasons.

One, I have never wanted to come off as someone who is “hawking” their product and nothing more.

Two, though I am in this venture to make money, it is not my single solitary goal.

Third, I am looking at this entire venture in the long-term, and not out to just try to make a few quick bucks selling my book.

And finally, it was my very first effort.  I have had a lot to learn along the way.

However, in a very non-pushy manner, I just wanted to let you know of a reader/subscriber/visitor special that I am currently running concerning my book.

For a very limited time, you can get a copy of Don’t Be a Mule for the giveaway price of $2.99 by clicking right here.  Look for the first listing (Little Bit O’ This, Little Bit O’ That).  That’s me.  Yep, that’s right; $3 gets you a copy of my book.  Actually, I think after shipping it will be $7, but that’s about 70% off the cover price.

Consider it appreciation for your support over the past several months; consider it an opportunity to get some real good advice about you and your money, at a really cheap price.

Buy my book here, don’t buy my book-I still appreciate each and every one of you that are reading my words right now, and I will always.

Take care and have a great weekend

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