Five Reasons to do Your Taxes Online

by David Bakke

online taxesI have done my taxes online for several years now.  The benefits of doing so are many.  At first, I was intimidated by even the thought of doing my taxes on my own, but now it seems like a walk in the park.

Let me outline for you some of the top reasons why you too can benefit from doing your taxes online.

First, you can save time.  Obviously, doing your taxes online can save you time.  You can do them in the convenience of your own home, and on your own timetable.  If you were doing your taxes the old way, and by yourself, just think.  No more filling out schedules and other forms by hand.  And if you were having an accountant do them, no more lugging file folders full of records to an office.

Second, you can save money.  The software (or download) takes you through a guided interview that covers all the topics that apply to you.  You don’t have to worry any more about missed deductions or credits.

Third, somebody’s got your back.  Depending on which version you decide on, you can get worry-free audit support just in case you are ever audited.  Personally, this brought me great peace of mind.

Fourth, it’s easy and simple.  After I purchased my first home, the changes in my financial life were quite intimidating.   And I had no clue how to successfully do my taxes.  That was the main reason for me switching to doing them online.  The process couldn’t be easier.  You are simply asked a structured set of questions that cover all lifestyle changes, and cover all pertinent deductions, exemptions, and credits.  I can’t imagine how much of this I would have missed out on had I continued to do my taxes completely on my own.

 And last but not least, by doing your taxes online this year, you can also get a chance to win an Ipad.  Check out this link to Money Crashers, where they have all the ways that you can win.  Check them out, and good luck with those taxes.

As always, your comments and feedback are appreciated below.

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1 Single Guy Money March 7, 2010 at 12:26 am

I’ve done my own taxes and filed online for quite a few years now. I remember when I was in my late teens, I took my W-2 to the H&R Block office to get my taxes filed. I had made so little money and was getting such a small refund, the tax preparer told me it didn’t make sense for me to pay to get my taxes filed. I walked away a little bit hurt and embarrassed until she followed me out and offered to do them on the side for free. The following year, I learned how to do them myself and I’ve been doing it every since.

2 David/Yourfinances101 March 7, 2010 at 1:24 am


Neat story. Especially since she ended up doing them for free.

Glad you got on board with doing them yourself.

Except for the most difficult of tax situations, I think most of us could do them on our own.

Thanks for commenting
.-= David/Yourfinances101´s last blog ..Five Reasons to do Your Taxes Online =-.

3 Gyutae Park March 10, 2010 at 1:57 am

Cool, thanks for mentioning the Money Crashers iPad giveaway, David.

I always do my taxes online using TurboTax every year and find it incredibly easy and efficient. Don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t file online.
.-= Gyutae Park´s last blog ..5 Ways To Make Yourself More Marketable In The Job Market =-.

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