Frugal Living Tips in a Nutshell

by David Bakke

frugal living tips
Looking back on my long journey from the depths of financial hell to where I am today, I now have a lot more perspective on the process than I did while I was going through it.
I thought it might be helpful to go through some of the key points and/or concepts that I came up with a long the way.

Here is my “yet to be completed” list…(and in no particular order)

You can solve all of your financial worries and make the most of your financial opportunities without spending a dime on ANY kind of financial product. This goes for anything ranging from some financial software to help you track your finances, to what I call the worst of all-debt consolidation companies. NEVER even consider using one of them.

Unless you are a complete idiot, trust me, you can do this on your own. Sure, there will be questions along the way, but enlisting the help of these people and paying money for it is an absolute waste. Remember, you’re trying to save money, not spend more of it.

Once you get going and begin to eliminate the debt and waste in your life, your disposable income will rise at a rate much faster than you would have ever expected.

This is a great motivational point that I wish I had known about in the beginning. When you finally have dug yourself out of your hole, I think you’ll be surprised at how much money you actually make!

There is a big difference between being “cheap” and being financially “savvy.”

Looking back, I never felt that I had to become “cheap” in anything that I did. I never left crappy tips at restaurants, never stuck my friends with tabs/ bills, etc. But knowing the difference between these two terms is a key. The best way I can describe it is that being “financially savvy” will draw respect from most people, being “cheap” draws only embarrassment for you. Make sense?

If you do not have a personal computer at home, you need to invest in one as soon as possible. It will speed up the whole process like you would never believe.

But a cheap one, buy an expensive one, I don’t care (well, at least get high speed internet so you can speed things up). No matter what you pay for it, if you use it right, it will pay for itself in a very short period of time, and start to make you money soon thereafter.

As with anything in life, it is all about getting started. Take that step, take some action, and soon everything else will fall into place.

This, obviously, is the key. Similar to a diet, or qutting an addiction, or anything else. Take that first step, get through the life adjustments, and soon it will all become much easier and much more a way of life.

I’m sure I’ll try to complete the list in future posts, but this is some of the stuff that allowed me to accomplish what I did in the time period I was able to do it in.

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1 Kelli Garner October 3, 2009 at 6:29 am

Thats very good to know… thanks

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