I Get By With A Little Blog from My Friends…

by David Bakke

beatlesI thought it could never, ever hurt to throw in a little Beatles reference to things.  Plus, nothing like a classic Beatles song to break up your week.

Anyways, here we go again everybody.  The best that I was able to find these week in my persual of personal finance articles on the internet.

I provide this service to my readers and visitors for several reasons.  First, I want to let you know that by no means do I consder myself the only sourse for great personal finance advice.   Secondly, and just as important, I think it is important to feature some personal finance blogs out there that I think have quality content and desevere more attention.  Certainly, my blog would not be where it is today without the gracious help of other PF bloggers out there.

So here we go, the best of the best from this week.

Moneyning brings us Five Tips for Remodeling Your Home the Right Way.

Bargaineering gives us some great advice in their article titled Have You Ever Been Scammed?

Money Crashers, one of my all-time favorite blogs out there, gives us some fantastically relevant advice on How to Survive Life With an Overspending Spouse.

MoneyBeagle talks about The Most Important Shopping Tip to Remember.

And finally, The Saved Quarter brings us Dialing for Dollars: Cell Phone Savings.

Have a great rest of the week.

And, as always, your comments and suggestions are appreciated below

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