Knowledge is Money: A Financial Retrospective

by David Bakke

knowledge is moneySince I started this blog I have done a lot of thinking and looking back over my colored financial past. I have had to in order to be able to come up with what I think is compelling content for this blog.

On that note, lately, I started to think a lot about what I might have done differently over the years if I were able to go back.

Well, the first one would be that I would have never gotten into debt as badly as I did in the first place. It would have saved me years of time and effort and hard work.

But, that is a pretty obvious one. What I did after that was begin to look at some other things that I might have done differently had I had the opportunity.

And it all came down to one word: knowledge. Yes, knowledge. And the acquisition of it. I never thought of “Well I wish I would have matured faster”, I never thought of “I wish I hadn’t chased so many women”, or any of the other usual suspects that I used to think were the causes of my financial meltdown when I was younger. It just came down to knowledge.

It is a tried and true phrase, but knowledge is power. And powerful. Actually, a better way to put it is that knowledge is MONEY

Let me elaborate.

I wish I had the knowledge at an earlier age about the long term effects that my spending missteps would have on my long-term financial picture (in a nutshell, it takes a lot longer to get OUT of a financial mess then it does to get into one).

And on some less important notes, I wish I had made the opportunity for myself to acquire some knowledge in the field of computers (or computer repair) for that matter. This knowledge could have saved me unknown amounts of time and money and energy over the years, and had I had this knowledge, I may have had a more lucrative professional life to date.

I also feel the same way about the knowledge of automobiles. Knowing even the basics of auto repair can save you untold amounts of money, time and energy, just like computers. Had I had it all to do over again, I would have gotten a part time job in both of these fields during my time in college, rather than flippin’ pizzas for a living, which is what I decided to do.

And finally, I wish I had known about the REAL money that can be saved when purchasing just about anything. I used to think I was a smart shopper, until I realized that with a little research and effort, that you can save incredible amounts of money on just about anything you buy.

I could go on forever with all of these examples, but I think you get the point. Most “knowledge” is out there for the taking, and most of it is free. Some can be gained via the internet, some by friends, etc. It is just a matter of finding it and acquiring it. Knowledge is truly power, and more importantly, something I’ve recently come to realize, is that knowledge is MONEY.

Ever thought of what you might do differently if you could? Feel free to tell my readers about it below.

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January 30, 2010 at 4:55 pm


1 Giulia January 19, 2010 at 2:45 pm

I keep wondering how you come up with all these good articles… If only people would follow your ideas and advice, we would all be richer 😀
.-= Giulia´s last blog ..Kitty Love – Pink Blinking Hearts =-.

2 David/Yourfinances101 January 20, 2010 at 2:37 am


Your words really mean a lot to me. If you truly feel that way, sign up for my email alerts, as I don’t post everything to StumbleUpon.

Tell all your friends so I can get my message out to more people.
Thanks!! You’re one f my best supporters.

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