Labor Day Sales and the Big Money Saving Question

by David Bakke

labor day sale
So, it’s Labor Day, and the first thing that probably comes to mind for most after cooking out and an extra day off is—Labor Day sales!

Well, up until this coming Labor Day, this thought never would have occurred to me. It never would have occurred to me because for years I was either mired in debt, digging my way out, or just recently, finally enjoying some little successes in my financial health.

So during that time, I either had no money for the sales anyways, or I had sworn them off because they had gotten me into so much trouble in the past.

The reason that I say that is at least for me personally, these types of sales were perfect opportunities for me to-buy stuff that I really didn’t need!

Now that I am in the position I am in, I more than likely still won’t buy anything of substance this weekend, but I might at least allow myself to look at the flyers, since I now know that I can trust my fiscal self.

I say that because for some time now I have that all-important question ingrained into my head regarding any purchase over $20 or so dollars. And that question is-


If I wasn’t able to get this concept drilled into my brain, there is no way I would have gotten out of my mess as fast as I did-and it really wasn’t that fast. Of course it’s a great feeling to think about how amazing that new flat screen TV will look on your wall, and it’s easy to justify because hopefully it will be at a great price, but the question still remains-do you really need it?
If you’ve been trying to improve your personal economy and have made some major strides, well, maybe it’s time to reward yourself. But if you’re still marching down that path, you may want to hold off.

Do whatever you have to do-leave the store, think about it and come back in thirty minutes, call a friend or family member, or just simply think about it objectively. These are the kinds of things that drove me into debt, and eliminating them as fast as I could got me on the right track much faster than if I hadn’t gotten them out of my system.

So enjoy your Labor Day. Have fun, eat a lot, but if you decide to hit those sales-keep that one question firmly in the front of your mind. At the end of the day you’ll probably be glad that you did.


1 Little House September 7, 2009 at 6:02 pm

Perfect follow-up to GRS post about getting rid of stuff that you’ve already accumulated. The whole point is not to buy it in the first place!

Little House

2 David September 7, 2009 at 9:24 pm

Yes, I agree. Thanks for the comment!

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