Last Chance to Win an Ipad

by David Bakke

mc-online-tax-filing-giveawayIt seems that the Ipad mania is in full swing and sweeping the country.

Personally, I do not know enough about it yet to make an informed opinion on it, but it seems like a great new “toy”.

I have promoted here in the past an opportunity to win one, and I wanted to let you know that the deadline on that contest is very near.

The contest is sponsored by my good friends at Money Crashers, a fantastic personal finance blog that I personally subscribe too and read daily.

They have given me great inspiration in the recent past, and I can only envy a lot of their great content.

You can win (or get entries into the contest) in a variety of ways…

You can subscribe to their blog.

You can re-tweet their posts.

You can file your taxes online using one of the featured products.

Among others…

You should go check out their site and at least get yourself a few entries.  Heck, it might be worth a few minutes of your time to have a chance to win one of those new Ipads.

Here is a direct link to the contest, and good luck to all!

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