Lessons from a Three Year Old: There’s Always Time to Goof Around

by David Bakke

kids playingIn what has become quite a popular sub category of posts of mine, I’d like to continue with the latest installment of “Lessons From a Three Year Old“.

Recently, my son and I were in the middle of another day together, when we were trying to get ready to go somewhere. Being a three year-old, sometimes simply dressing him can be a real challenge. Especially for a rambunctious, impatient three year-old, which Nicholas happens to be.

Normally, a little goofing off wouldn’t bother me too much, but we were trying to get somewhere on time, and it wasn’t looking good. After chasing him around the living room for about three minutes trying to get his shirt on, I finally raised my voice just a little and said, “Look, there’s no time for goofing around. Let’s get dressed and LET’S GO!”

He stopped for a second, looked at me (and remember, he’s only three), and said “Daddy, there’s ALWAYS time for goofing around.”

Well, what could I do but laugh? After a little more chasing, we finally got dressed and eventually arrived at our destination (a little late, of course).

But as I thought about it, I realized how true this is.

My life, right now, is beyond busy. I don’t know if people from my mother and father’s generation were this busy, but it seems to be almost part of our culture these days. Never enough time in the day, always trying to cram every little bit of “stuff” into each and every day.

I’d imagine the influx of technology on our society has a lot to do with it. Because obviously, our parents never had emails to check, voice mails to return, text messages to send, and a million other things of the like.

Regardless, I learned a great lesson that day. No matter how much time you think you need to devote to saving money, or researching prices, or anything else to do with your financial picture, remember one thing. There’s ALWAYS time to goof around. And we should. What’s that old phrase? “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

So make sure that at least every once in awhile, you are putting down your cell phone, getting up from the computer, or whatever else seems to be dominating your life, and take a moment for yourself. Or for your kids. Or whatever.

A life that is filled with nothing more than “getting things done”, to me, cannot be very rewarding and probably is not worth living.

Remember that the next time you’re rushing to get somewhere, or keep putting something off in your personal life because you can’t seem to make time for it. Relax, take a minute for yourself, and enjoy your life.

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