Money Saving Ideas–“Jenny Craig” Your Finances!

by David Bakke

money saving ideasWhen I look back on how I was actually able to dig myself out of the massive amount of debt that I had created for myself, it is difficult to say that there was one major thing that I did that made it all happen.

However, in retrospect, I can tell you that it had a lot more to do with changing my attitudes and mindsets towards my money rather than some sort of list like: 1) I will turn off all lights before leaving the room 2) I will stop buying junk food….etc etc.

Honestly, it was very similar to putting myself on a diet, or at least putting my finances on a diet.  Let’s think about how most diets fail first.  People start them with great intentions, they stay strongly committed to them for some short period of time, they fall back into their old eating habits, and before you know it, they re-gained all the weight they lost (if they lost any in the first place), and they are depressed and have even LESS motivation to ever try it again.

Now, let’s think about a diet that actually works.  If you’ve ever accomplished this before, you porbably know EXACTLY what I am talking about.  It has a lot more to do with changing your attitudes towards food rather than something like:  1 banana, 1/2cup of cornflakes, 1/2 c. milk for breakfast…and so on.

The paralleles should now be easy to see.

In order to “fix” your finances, why not try to Jenny Craig them?  Rather than coming up with some A, B, C list of things you think will save you some money, why not re-vamp your attitudes and mindsets towards the money you have.


If you are going to have a successful diet, you have to think about it a lot.  Basically, whenever you eat!  Well, if you’re going to successfully fix your finances, you’re going to have to think about it any time you get ready to spend some money.  And I mean any time (this includes when it comes to paying your bills).

And again, if you have ever been on a successful diet before, you also know that it doesn’t last forever.  After you take off all of the weight that you want, you really go into a program of “maintenance” or keeping off the wieght you lost.  Of course, I wouldn’t go into a program of maintenance wirth your money after your finances are fixed.  Then, its time to get your moeny to start growing for you.

My point is that in order to fix your finances, ther will more than likely be some sacrifice involved.  But, if you put your mind to it and stay motivated, once your financially in a healthier state, these sacrifices basically go away.  It doesn’t last forever.

I purposely left out any concrete money saving ideas to further make my point.  Yes, these ideas will be necessary in order to improve your personal economy.  However, you can fix your financial state much faster if you first look at your current attitudes towards your money.  Treat it more like a diet and you’re more likely to succeed!


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