More Lessons from a Three Year Old: You Just Gotta Think for a Minute…

by David Bakke

022For those of you that follow my blog religiously, you know that I have written before about lessons that I have learned from my son. Well, it’s time for another one. Actually, I could probably write a book on the subject. This is the second in this series, and now I really need to call it Lessons from a Three-year old, since he recently turned three.

Anyways, recently we were goofing around in the house, and if you know much about three year olds, you know that they are hard to keep track of. And my Nicholas is no exception. If I don’t keep my eye constantly on him, he is liable to get into something he shouldn’t. The other day was no exception. He didn’t get into something he shouldn’t have; he touched something he shouldn’t have. A light bulb. A lit light bulb.

Several minutes of crying and icing and consoling later, he was pretty much fine. It was only a minor burn, and he usually recovers quickly from such incidences. We continued on with our evening, and shortly thereafter, it was bedtime story time-which I try to give to him every night. I told him his story, and we started talking about the light bulb matter. He told me he knew then that he shouldn’t have done it and then he gave me my latest pearl of wisdom. He said, “Daddy, I guess I just gotta think for a minute…”

Simple words, but how true they are. I immediately applied to this about 50 areas of my everyday life, but I wanted to talk a little bit about how such simple words can affect your personal finances.

If you are any sort of an impulse shopper, and your finances need any kind of work at all, you should definitely adopt these words. Put yourself on a 5 minute delay or whatever you want to do, but the impulse buys need to stop. Because you know what’s wrong with impulse buys? Most of them are unnecessary or not the right choice. You’ve given yourself no time to adequately determine if you actually need and/or want the item, and obviously, there is no chance to ensure you’re getting it at the best price.

Have you gotten credit card statements or utility bills in the mail, ever, with errors on them? Did you do something about it, or did you just go ahead and pay for the mistake? Guess what? Think about it. If it is a one dollar error, then sure, I wouldn’t bother. But if there is a strange charge on your credit card, or your utility bill seems way higher than normal, think for a minute! Pick up the phone and start asking questions. If the billing error is twenty dollars or more, is it not worth your time to get this money back? I would certainly think so.

Finally, let’s take grocery shopping just as an example. This could really apply to any of your every day purchases. Do you ramble mindlessly through the aisles, tossing whatever you want to in your cart and paying whatever total the cashier gives you? Ever thought about this for a minute? Ever thought about the fact that groceries are probably the second biggest expense in your entire budget (behind housing)? Ever thought that if you spent just a few hours comparison shopping or looking into couponing to see if it’s cost effective to do, or consider switching where you buy your groceries, that you could have major effect on your monthly overall budget? Once again, just like my son says, “Ya just gotta think for a minute…”

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1 Giulia February 4, 2010 at 2:58 pm

These articles are so much better when a real life simple case sustains them! 🙂 I liked it.
.-= Giulia´s last blog ..Out Of This World Space Scenes =-.

2 David Bakke February 5, 2010 at 3:04 am


I try to make my posts as “real life” and as “regular guy” as I can.

Thanks for the kind words.

3 prototype cars February 7, 2010 at 10:22 am

Thanks a lot …nice post

4 David/Yourfinances101 February 7, 2010 at 10:29 am

Thank you..I appreciate the kind words.
.-= David/Yourfinances101´s last blog ..More Lessons from a Three Year Old: You Just Gotta Think for a Minute… =-.

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