My Financial Thanksgiving

by David Bakke

I think it’s very important to give thanks for everything that we have in life, but this year, I decided to pay particular attention to all the things that I am thankful for “financially”.

When I say this, I don’t mean that I am thankful that I have a certain amount of money in the bank, or anything like that. What I am thankful for is all the tools I have been given by God to help me onto the right path financially, and all of the doors he has opened up for me financially.

So, here goes, my quick thoughts on all the financial “things” I am thankful for.

Discipline/Will Power

When it comes down to it, getting yourself out of debt and staying there comes down to these two closely interrelated things. It’s really about nothing more than discipline and will power. Getting yourself into debt, in my opinion, is simply a lack of these things. When I decided to get myself out of debt, it took a great deal of will power to changing my spending ways. In order to stay out of debt, I needed the discipline to keep those new spending habits in place.


The road out of debt and overspending did not happen overnight. If you don’t have a great deal of patience, you are certainly liable to give up. Without my patience, I know I would have. When you’re deep in the financial hole, you’re not going to change this in a day. It takes time…

Time Management

Another key to my financial well-being is my time management skills. If you are going to start up any kind of business and do it while maintaining your regular job, you need to have great time management skills or you’ll simply never have enough time. I am particularly thankful for these skills, because my ability to run two side businesses has had no effect on the time that I have to spend with my son. If it did, I doubt I would have started either venture, or probably would have abandoned them once he was born. Fortunately, neither of those things happened.

My Writing Skills

I am far from boasting here, but I am also thankful for my ability to write. For years I wondered how God was going to put that skill of mine to use in my life. As it turns out, he put it to use in combination with my personal finance skills. This ability to write has been a major factor in one of my side businesses, and I am very thankful for that.

My Willingness to Learn

Several years back, I obviously knew nothing about the world of personal finance, because my finances were a mess. Today, I am most certainly on the right track. However, I still consider myself a novice in so many areas. In order to educate yourself on the myriad of topics under the realm of personal finance, you have to have a willingness to learn. It’s easy for me because when I learn something new about how to more effectively manage my money, I know that it is so much more than “learning for the sake of learning”. I know that it will have a positive effect on my overall financial picture.

What Are You Thankful For?

So, in nutshell that is what I am thankful for financially. I could go on longer, but those are the basics. It’s very important to give thanks to all that we are thankful for, and should probably do it more than once a year. Regardless of that, what things in life, financial or otherwise, are you thankful for?

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