My Own Little Blog Carnival

by David Bakke

carnivalBlog carnival? What’s that?

Well, it’s really just a slick term for the latest and greatest personal finance posts that I have read recently that I thought you might find interesting.

Hope you enjoy.

Feel free to add any and all comments below.

Also, something I just added, to the right, you can download two of my free reports.

The one on taxes is basically a chapter out of my book, and I think the one about grocery shopping can be useful for anyone that does any type of grocery shopping at all.

As always, I would appreciate any feedback on these reports as well.

Take care

The Simple Dollar-Fantastic mental advice for how to stay on track financially!

My Two Dollars-Check out this quick documentary-it might change your outlook on things.

Change Your Thoughts/Change Your Life-14 Great Ways to be Miserable

Get Rich Slowly-More great advice for starting out down the road to financial freedom.

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