My Top Three Organic Grocers

by David Bakke

organic grocerOur household recently went to a mostly organic diet.  I think that the health benefits are without question, however, for those of us who try to live frugally, or need to maintain some type of monthly budget for our food bill; the decision can be a little perplexing.

At first, I was against the idea, because I thought the cost differences would be astronomical.  I know, I know, you can’t put a price on your health, but if maintaining an organic diet is simply too expensive, then what is one to do?  Also, for those of us who are adults, the question also arises, “Well, I have eaten non-organic foods my whole life, and I feel fine.  Why change?”

Well, this is a very good question because it is not as though if you switch to an organic diet, that you will feel radically different.  At least that was not the case with me.  I think it is more mental, knowing that you will no longer be ingesting pesticides, and so forth.

Regardless, we switched a few months back and believe it or not, it is not that much more expensive than a non-organic diet.  First, not ALL of your diet goes to being organic.  At least ours didn’t.  For example, there is no logical reason (to me anyways) for purchasing organic bananas, since the exterior of that fruit gets thrown away and is not ingested.

On a side note, when we switched to an organic diet, we also went mostly vegetarian.  So, eliminating the cost of fish and chicken and so forth and replacing it with vegetables certainly has helped to keep the costs down of our organic diet.

So I thought I would share with you my top three organic grocers.  Notice that I say “my” top three.  There was no real research done on this subject other than my visits to organic stores, I have not exhausted all possibilities yet for organic foods, and the list is in no particular order.  If you know of a good organic grocer that I did not mention, by all means, let me and my readers know about it.  I’d love to learn more!

 Here goes:

 Number 1–My farmer’s market.  Yes, that would have to be my first choice.  Here you don’t pay “extra” for any advertising campaigns like you do with the national players, you also don’t pay “extra” for the coffee shop and restaurant that are attached.  You simply get vegetables.  They have quite a good selection at mine, and quite a few of them are not that much more expensive than their non-organic counterparts.  The veggies may not be “shined up” as  I like to call them like some other places do, but they are organic and they are at very good prices.

Number 2Trader Joe’s.  What a great place.  Not too many locations nationwide as I understand, but we are lucky enough to have one about 10 minutes from our house.  Quite a decent variety and I still wonder at how they can sell some of their items at the prices that they do.  If you have one anywhere near where you live, they are definitely worth checking out.

Number 3Whole Foods.  Now, this is not the last on the list for any particular reason. I f I lived close to their locations, or had a higher monthly income; I would shop there more often.  Their selection is probably the best of the three, but their prices are higher as well.  I guess that’s because their stores are big and grand and beautiful, and most have coffee shops and restaurant attached to them.  Their produce also seems to be more “beautiful”.  Which tells me that it is maybe washed better, or waxed for appearance (I have no idea if this is true or not, just a guess).  Overall, a great place to shop.

So there you have it, my three favorite organic grocers. 

I would love to hear your comments, or your suggestions for good organic outlets, below.


1 Cajun Chef Ryan April 5, 2010 at 2:34 pm

Went to Trader Joe’s this past Friday, and what a delight indeed. The prices there are much lower for many items than our generic grocery store.

2 David/Yourfinances101 April 6, 2010 at 8:44 am


I hate to rub it in, but ours is about 10 minutes away, and I go there about twice a week.

Write to them and tell them you need one closer!!!
.-= David/Yourfinances101´s last blog ..Saving Money on Groceries…Stock Up, but Empty Out, Too =-.

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