Net Worth Calculator Plug-in for WordPress: A Review

by David Bakke

calculatorI wanted to inform my readers, visitors and fellow bloggers out there of a new and pretty neat plug in that has just been released by my good friend Fred over at Credit Card Finder.

The Net Worth Plugin is provided by Credit Card Finder. Feel free to download and install the Net Worth WordPress plugin.  According to Fred, “The plugin is easy to use and customisable. It allows you to calculate your Networth based on your assets and liabilities.  All the data can be entered in the backend and it then publishes nice looking graphs and tables directly into your blog.  We have invested time and money to make this work, but are keen to keep it free and available for everyone.”

It is basically a Networth Calculator that can be used to easily track your net worth on a month to month basis for your readers to view.  I think this would be particularly handy were you ever to do some sort of project where you wanted to show your readers how you were progressing.

I have seen this in the past on many other personal finance blogs.  There are some bloggers out there who grow vegetables in their own garden and track on a monthly basis how much they received for selling them and also how much they saved by not having to buy them.

I have also seen some other bloggers out there actually track their net worth on a monthly basis to show their readers how they progressed in that category.  The plug in allows for a variety of graphs and data tables, which can visually give your readers a snapshot of your progress.

I would certainly consider downloading the plug in for my blog were I ever to take on certain projects like this.  So many things that I save money on can only truly be tracked on a monthly basis in order to show their worthiness, making this plug in the perfect tool for such tracking.

Many savings ideas regarding utility bills look like they are a waste of time, until you look at it over the course of an extended period of time-say six months or a year.  This plug in would be ideal to track your progress for your readers in one of these areas.

So if you have a personal finance blog in need of some graphic updates, consider downloading this free and easy-to-use plug in.

It could provide both you and your reader an easy way to track a variety of different financial endeavors.

As always, your comments and feedback are appreciated below

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April 29, 2010 at 12:08 pm

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