Not Enough Time in the Day? Blow up Your Facebook Page

by David Bakke

facebookFor most of us out there, there is simply not enough time in the day.  Not enough time to get the things done that we want to accomplish, not enough time to relax, not enough time to spend with our kids.  Just not enough time.

But, for those of you who feel that way, I’d like for you take a good hard look at how your day is spent.  Meaning, what actually do you do with your day?

I can briefly go over a typical day of mine.  Keep in mind that I work more than a full time job (about 48 hours per week), I am a full time writer for this blog, and I have another  which generates a decent amount of income.  I also have a three year old son at home.

So, let’s see. On a typical day, I wake up at 5 AM.  From 5-7 is basically the only time that I have for my blogging and for my side business.  Therefore, it is extremely important, it is essential that not one minute of this time is wasted.  I use this time to catch up on all emails (80% are business related), do any writing for my blog, along with any marketing of a particular post, and also all the work needed to maintain and grow my side business.  When you think about it, two hours for all of that is basically nothing.  This time is drastically more productive than when I don’t plan it out. 

I almost always plan out these two hours the night before.

 From time to time, I will squeeze in a little computer time here, but usually I use this last hour of the day for relaxation before bedtime.  This is usually about 45 minutes or so of TV (yes, I do watch TV).  About six hours of sleep and I’m back up to do it all over again.

So you see, it is possible to work a fulltime job, maintain basically two other jobs, spend time with your children and still have a little time for yourself.

How do I do it?  It simple.

Eliminate all unnecessary things.  With the advent of the internet came a whole host of opportunities for wasting time.  I hate to single them out and I have nothing against them, but Facebook is one of the bigger culprits.  I went there once just to see if I could find some old friends. Before you know it, almost two hours had gone by.  Just the other day, someone wrote me there and asked me to join some group.  I sent back a humorous response, and before you knew it, I had eight other messages there from other people.  I quickly left, and this confirmed for me once again why I refuse to spend time there. Unless it’s used for marketing purposes (or to relax, which we all have to do) it is an absolute waste of time.

Plan your day.  If you want to be successful and get the most out of each and every day you have got to plan it out. Like I said, I plan out these two hours with exactly what I need to get done that day, and I add things in that if I can also get done, then great.  These two hours are spent focused and on point with what I need to accomplish.

Make for time to relax.  Whatever relaxes you.  If you don’t have any relaxation time in your life, I am a firm believer that this will eventually cut into your ability to have successful prductive day.  Look at ways to create more time in your life.  Spend some time doing this every day.  Getting enough rest is important also. This may sound surprising considering I just said I usually only sleep about 6 hours a night, but I do sneak naps in on off days, and I have gotten to the point to where 6 hours is enough sleep for me.

So, the next time you catch yourself saying there’s never enough time or you wish you had more if it, stop complaining.  Remember, we always make time for what’s important and we always seem to find the time to get done what we really want to get done.  It’s all a matter of prioritizing and planning.


1 Khaleef @KNS Financial May 26, 2010 at 11:09 pm

Great article! This definitely shows me that I can fit much more into my day if I just plan and budget my time more effectively.
.-= Khaleef @KNS Financial´s last blog ..A Closer Look at Tithing Before the Law of Moses – Abraham’s Example – Does Abraham’s Tithe to Melchizedek Provide an Example for us Today? =-.

2 Mrs. Not Made of Money May 27, 2010 at 10:44 am

I also agree that careful planning is the key to efficiency. Like yourself, I am always up at 5 am. It’s the only time I have to work uninterrupted. I usually can get an hour or two of work in before the kids start getting up.
.-= Mrs. Not Made of Money´s last blog ..Best Rite Aid Deals for 05/23 =-.

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