Five Things I Would Never Buy On The Internet

by David Bakke 03.05.2011

As a small business owner of an internet re-selling business, I am quite the avid online shopper. Basically, if I see something that I think I can make a buck on, and then I buy it. Over the years, I’ve purchased everything from baby monitors to specialized internal meat thermometers. Having said that though, there […]

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How To Balance Buying Toys For Your Kids With Your Budget And Prudent Parenting

by David Bakke 02.28.2011

As a parent of a four-year old son, I always try to be the best parent that I can in every situation. Well, lately, I have had a lot of personal angst over what is the right amount of toys to purchase for my son. There are, in reality, a lot of factors that go […]

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A Semi-Comprehensive Financial Checklist For 2011

by David Bakke 02.09.2011

Now, you may think from the title of this article that this is coming a day late and a dollar sort. However, I would respectfully disagree. For me personally, financially speaking, the holidays have just wound down and I am also preparing to my taxes for the year. This can be quite a daunting process. […]

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Five Great Ways To Save On Gas

by David Bakke 01.28.2011

I have probably written something on this topic before, but as gas prices continue to rise, I thought I would take a few moments to give you a refreshing look at how you can save money on gas. Look, it’s obvious that we, as Americans, have little to no control over the price of gas […]

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How To Save Money On Household Cleaners, And Make Your Home A Safer Place To Live

by David Bakke 01.11.2011

As we embark on a New Year, I for one abhor New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t find them to be useful or motivating in my personal life, and I basically avoid them altogether. However, this year I have decided to make one resolution for myself and I plan on sticking to it. When I look […]

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Is There Such A Thing As “After Christmas” Shopping?

by David Bakke 12.24.2010

Well, when it comes right down to it, the answer is, believe it or not, a resounding “yes”.  As this holiday shopping season winds down, I’m sure that just about all of us have just about had it with shopping. The long lines, looking for particular gifts, and dealing with all of the stress can […]

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How to Keep the Government Out Of Your Wallet

by David Bakke 12.13.2010

When it comes to us regular “Joe the Plumber” type Americans, it’s very easy to feel helpless when it comes to the government and their seemingly pathological need to get into our wallets whenever they see fit. You may think that there is nothing that can be done about it; that it’s simply a fact […]

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My Financial Thanksgiving

by David Bakke 11.23.2010

I think it’s very important to give thanks for everything that we have in life, but this year, I decided to pay particular attention to all the things that I am thankful for “financially”. When I say this, I don’t mean that I am thankful that I have a certain amount of money in the […]

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Financial Products Which Make No Sense

by David Bakke 11.04.2010

In today’s ever-changing financial world, what with credit card industry reform, fear of identity theft, and millions of other “new” things occurring, it seems as though “big business” and the banking industry in particular, are continually trying to come up with ways to separate us, the American public, from our hard earned money. And in […]

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Top Personal Finance Blogs: A One-Stop Shop

by David Bakke 10.20.2010

One of the best tools that I’ve come across yet for listing the top personal finance blogs out there has just been released by my friends over at Money Crashers. Who’s At the Top? Up until now, there had really never been any sort of comprehensive list of the top places to go to for […]

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