The Outskirts of Frugality

by David Bakke

kitchen cabinetI must admit that I owe most of my frugal nature to my mother.  Well, actually, my mother and my father.  They were both raised during the tail end of the Depression, so that should give you a little perspective.

I would imagine that back then living frugally was a necessity, not a voluntary lifestyle for most of us today.  Regardless, that’s where most of it comes from.  Oh sure it took me a few decades to realize that living frugally could allow me to spend money on the things that I really want to, but I think I’ve made up for a good bit of lost time in the last few years.

The reason why I mention my mother is because just when you think you’ve thought of all the frugal ideas…..

She emailed me the other day, and although you cannot read emotion into emails, I could tell there was a bit of pride shining through on that message.

She told me that she was re-doing the kitchen cabinets.  Not remodeling them, just basically emptying them out, cleaning them and then slapping a fresh coat of paint over them.

But of course, she couldn’t undertake this little project without a dose of frugality thrown in for good measure.  In a nutshell, she went to the local wallpaper store, and found some outdated wallpaper that they were basically just giving away (wallpaper is fairly expensive if you didn’t know).  So, she saved quite a bit there.

On top of that, rather than wasting a bunch of paint on the deep dark crevices of the insides of the cabinets, she decided to just touch up the insides of the doors and the little edges that show.

Now there’s a double whammy-saving money and saving time.

Without belaboring the point I did think it was pretty ingenious.  And if you’ve ever tried to paint the insides of kitchen cabinets before, you are probably kicking yourself for not coming up with that idea.  It’s a ton of work and all that paint you use for the insides will basically never be seen.

So even though I think I am getting pretty good at the old frugality game, every once in awhile, she writes me with these little ideas to remind me who the real Zen Master of Frugality is.

That would be my mother, of course.

Y’all take care and have a great weekend.

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.


1 Mary May 7, 2010 at 11:49 pm

good job Dave……

2 David/yourfinances101 May 8, 2010 at 9:44 am

Thanks for your kind words….I learned from the best

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