The Power of Shopping on EBay

by David Bakke

shopping on EbayAs you know, I am all about finding the best deals that are out there for just about everything you buy.  Recently, I have come to fully understand the true power of EBay when it comes to my purchases.  Obviously, I m not referring to things like groceries and so forth, what I am referring to is just about everything else.

 I am not here to promote EBay.  What I am trying to do is to explain to you that you can save a lot of money by checking out EBay before buying a lot of the things that you buy.

Before we continue, I want to let you know that quite some time ago, I was very leery of buying anything from EBay.  They had quite a few problems in the past (a lot of them valid) and had gotten a lot of bad press and had really developed  quite a BAD reputation.  As far as I can tell, most of these issues have been solved.

The  biggest concerns I previously had regarding EBay were as follows:

Buying on EBay is not safe.  Actually, it seems to me that it couldn’t be safer now.  Any purchase done thru PayPal is fully protected and EBay itself offers buyer protection.

You cannot trust sellers on EBay.  I have bought numerous items on EBay over the past several months.  By numerous, I mean hundreds.  During that time, I had a total of ONE problem with a seller, and had I checked his feedback more closely before buying, I would have known better.  This problem was fixed almost immediately by PayPal.

PayPal is too difficult to set up.  In all honesty, a PayPal account can be set up in about 5 minutes.

EBay is best used whenever you are buying anything that cannot be found just about anywhere.  It is difficult to explain, but most of your out of the ordinary things that you need can usually be found at a cheaper price on EBay.  Especially specialty items.

Once I started researching different things, I came to find out a lot of things about EBay:

They have almost EVERYTHING for sale there.  Type in just about anything, and I’ll be you can find it.

They have things you never would have thought they would have.

Their prices are almost shockingly less expensive.

I think your chances of finding something for a cheaper price on EBay goes up depending on the availability of the item in mainstream retail outlets.

The best example I can give you is that a friend of mine recently was trying to purchase some waterproof seat covers for his SUV.  If I were buying those, my first thought would be the only place to go to find them would be a car dealership.  My friend priced those at the dealership and a set of four would cost him a little less than $400.

He was able to find the same set of four on EBay for right around $50.

In the past, I have used EBay to find great deals on almost all computer accessories (laptop chargers, mouses, etc).  In addition, books can usually be found at very reasonable prices too.

And honestly, just about everything else.

I could go on forever with this post, but let’s leave it at this.  When you are buying just about anything in your daily life that is not groceries, I would at least check out EBay.  What can it take—2 minutes?  You will probably be very surprised at what you find.

As always, your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.

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