“Un-fried” Fried Chicken

by David Bakke

unfried fried chickenOK, so this post may have absolutely nothing to do with personal finance, but I do have some recipe blog posts here, and I love cooking, and its my blog, so there you go.

I have recently created what I like to call my “un-fried” Fried Chicken recipe. I thoroughly enjoy coming up with healthier versions of recipes, and this definitely falls into that category.

I won’t get into how many breasts to use or how much breading or any of that, you can figure all of that out on your own.

I will deal specifically with the technique involved. If it comes out right, you can enjoy almost all of the taste of fried chicken without all of the calories and fat and everything else.

First, preheat your oven till its hot, I would say to at least 380 degrees–400 may be a little too hot.

Then you have to stick your baking pan that you’ll be using for your chicken in there. You want to get that sucker nice and hot!

Normally, about 15 minutes should do. I don’t think its possible to get it too hot, especialy if you are around 380 degrees.

Then, you’re going to prepare your chicken. If at all possible, you want to “bread” all of your breasts and have them all ready to go into the oven at one time. I bread them with just an egg wash and bread crumbs. Change it up if you want, that’s what works for me.

So, after they are all breaded and ready to go, pull your pan out of the oven, and immdeiately place all of your breasts on the pan and return it to the oven immediately.

Now, it does not come out exactly like fried chicken, but its real close. The heat from the oven will cook the top and the heat from your heated pan will cook the bottom.

Its not as crispy as the real thing, but if you can stand to do without all of the calories and grams of fat that go along with the real thing, then this should do you just fine.

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